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The online market-share in the Dutch non-food retail is expected to grow from 25% in 2018 to 35% in 2025. The market-share shoes is expected to grow from 39% (2018) to 50% (2025) and clothes from 28% to 40% in the same period of time. However the question remains who will take advantage of this. In the Netherlands the online retail market is relatively fragmentated, while in other countries platforms like Amazon and Alibaba are dominating this segment. Research shows that Dutch consumers are willing to commit to online retailers with a big assortment.

According to research of Kantar TNS commissioned by ING, in the eyes of the consumer online shopping is improving. More than half of the respondents stated that the in past three years online shopping has become more attractive. The competitive price setting, but also the comfort and the big assortment that is available, is appreciated. Stockbase plays a big role in this. Stockbase connects between stockholding suppliers and retailers. This expands the available online assortment for the retailer, which decreases the chance that a product is not available and increases the chance that a supplier can sell their stock.

Consumers are willing to commit to a fixed retailer
The same research shows that online shoppers prefer buying at a retailer that has a big assortment. Trust plays a big role is this. The majority (55%) chooses to buy at a trusted webshop, even when this webshop is not the cheapest one. If possible, 40% of the respondents are willing to buy all non-food products in one specific webshop. This shows that consumers are willing to commit, read more about omnichannel loyalty.

Pros and cons of upcoming platforms

What changes with the upcoming platforms like Bol.com and Amazon? Dirk Mulder: “Platforms can contribute to the efficiency in the fragmentated Dutch retail sector. They help to align the supply and demand and bundle the logistic processes. However, there are some disadvantages. Local retailers could be under pressure if they cannot differentiate their shopping formula/products. Platform makes the market totally transparent.
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